Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Ana Lamb

We always get crap for the movies chosen for "Crazy 4 Cult." If I had a nickel for every time someone walked into the gallery  and tried to debate the "cult status" of a movie depicted in the show with me - I would've bought every piece, every year. People think a film is deemed a "cult movie" - only when it's unsuccessful at first, but finds success over time (mostly now through DVD, as seen with Donnie Darko, Office Space or Big Lebowski). And yes, that is a way to be a cult movie (even classic), but there are other ways to place this status on a movie. It doesn't JUST have to be that. 

It could also be a film that was successful at first, but has since become popular all over again, with new generations it wasn't originally intended for (i.e. JAWS, The Shining, Star Wars). It can also be considered a cult movie if it just develops a large "cult following" (i.e. most Tim Burton movies). Or a group that seems to LOVE a movie that not a lot of other people LOVE (i.e. UHF, Point Break, etc). Or these people seem to LOVE this movie for weird, off-kilter reasons that others don't love it for, or even hate it for (Rocky Horror being the prime example, The Room being the newest). 

The one everyone loves to fight me on is "Wizard Of Oz." Yes, last year there was a serious influx of Oz pieces, and this year it was removed from the movie list to work with, but not because it's not a cult movie, which is something so many people love to argue. It IS a cult movie on many levels if you take into consideration the criteria I just broke down. It has developed a cult of fans, who in some cases collect plates that depict scenes from it. That's cult-ish. A whole new generation of fans love "Wizard of Oz," a number of them even just because they play Pink Floyd at the same time the movie runs...while stoned. That's also cult-ish. Hence, it's a cult movie. And don't even get me started on the cult of Judy Garland or the Munchkins. I rest my case. 

So here's another example of a movie that we'll get a lot of argument about. "Silence of the Lambs." Yes, it's a Best Picture winner. Yes, it was always successful. BUT, the cult of Anthony Hopkins (the protective mask he wore, the Fave Beans quotes, the endless imitations, etc.) has taken on a whole new life. Hell, it's been referenced in OTHER cult movies (Cable Guy, and I'm sure more). It has cult-ish qualities because of Hopkins, who is an incredible actor (please see The Edge), but will always be known (in a cult-like Horror-based manner, especially seen in Halloween costumes) as Hannibal Lector. And don't pretend like "Put the lotion in the basket" hasn't taken on a cult-life of its own.

And all that, for this:

This BEAUTIFUL Ana Bagayan piece based on "Silence of the Lambs." SOOOO pretty. This is Ana's first time in G1988 and we couldn't be happier to have her involved in Crazy 4 Cult 3-D. You should also check out how this piece went from sketch to painting, with a cute little animation dealio she posted on her BLOG.

The pieces just roll in, more and more everyday. And we're more and more impressed with what's being delivered. 

More tomorrow!

G1988: LA

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Kadzima said...

BEAUTIFUL piece!!!! Can't wait to see more tomorrow!

One movie I would love to see on the list for next year....


Even if just to make more people see it that haven't!