Sunday, July 13, 2008

The Master Plan

A busy week outside of the gallery had my blog updates down to a minimum, but my stress levels at a high. Which makes it a good thing that our next opening in Los Angeles, which is Tuesday from 7-10 PM, is for Kurt Halsey Frederiksen, a stress free dude always ready to have fun with his solo shows (this is his second at 1988: LA). My favorite thing about Kurt is that he thinks out of the box. With his extremely loyal fan base (last year I called them rabid and felt the sting of his Live Journal Fandom page, so this year I pick my words with care), he's always looking to change what's expected and take it to the next level. Which is why I smiled when I got this in inbox:

Hand drawn installation game plan drawn up by Kurt like he's the Bill Belichick of underground art. Can't wait to start this today.

And here's a sneak peek at one of the records Kurt did for the show, and this looks really cool...

Come say hi at the opening on Tuesday night, as Kurt will be in attendance as well, displaying his new artwork - which includes custom park signs, fireflies, sewer shelves, leaves, custom alarm clocks, felt cats, drawings, paintings, prints and records. All the stuff you were expecting.

G1988: LA

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