Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Help Save Totoro's Forest

Now that everyone is back from Comic Con, I wanted to post about The Totoro Forest project.

The Totoro Forest Project is an international charity effort to save the Sayama Forest, also called Totoro Forest right outside Tokyo. This is the forest that inspired Hayao Miyazaki's widely loved movie, My Neighbor Totoro. In 1990, Miyazaki created the Totoro Forest Foundation to save the forest from Urban Development.

Pixar has organized a charity auction to raise money for the Totoro Forest Foundation. The auction will take place this September 6th at Pixar in Emeryville (right outside San Francisco). There are over 200 international artists who have created and donated artworks specifically for this auction.

I was so lucky to have a very small involvement in this project and I have to tell you that there are some AMAZING pieces available from some familiar names. I encourage you all to take a look at the Totoro Forest Project website http://totoroforestproject.org where you can see the participating artists and the work they have created. You can also find out how to but tickets for the auction. You can register as an absentee bidder if you cannot make it to the event.

Miyazaki has been a HUGE influence for many of the artists we work with. His movies are some of my absolute favorites so this project has a lot of personal meaning for me.

You can find out more info about the Totoro Forest Foundation at this website as well... http://totoro.or.jp/new/E_zaidann.html

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