Wednesday, July 16, 2008


Thanks to everyone who came out last night for the Kurt Halsey Frederiksen opening, as it was packed to the gills, in usual Kurt fashion. I don't think we stopped selling for even a second from 7 til the close at 10. And major props to Sir Frederiksen for signing prints, cards and pieces for what seemed like a never ending line (proving the MLB All Star game only meant something to me and Dan Uggla's bookie). Kurt really is such a nice guy, and a serious pleasure to work with. Here's hoping he pulls a Brett Favre and comes back to 1988 soon!

Click here to see all of Kurt Halsey's artwork from this month's show.

On a totally different note...

I noticed this park bench was set up directly across from the gallery today:

...and now a few people have commented on it. It seriously looks JUST like our logo. I think it's for a cell phone or something, but it actually is facing our logo, placed on the top of our building, which to remind you is this:

Weird, right? And to be right in front of our gallery? Thoughts anyone?

Tomorrow we'll announce our other festivities at Comic Con, to add onto that sweet Woebots release on Saturday...



Craig Mackay said...

Wow. I think a quick show featuring Shepard Fairey would solve that problem.

Cre8ive said...

Never have time to check out your guys blogs, but I have to comment on the FitPhone bench/logo, totally a rip! I mean there isn't any question about it, just crazy and to put it across from your gallery, sheesh!