Monday, March 12, 2007

Sausage King Of Chicago

My first day off on the blog and all I keep thinking about is our upcoming "I AM 8-BIT" show. Artists keep sending us pics and it seriously just keeps getting better. We usually get a lot of press attention for this show, so it seems like the participants really step it up when creating pieces based on 1980's video games. Not to mention this year the line-up is redonkulous. I mean what's Amy Sol or Ekundayo gonna paint from vintage video games? Will Greg Simkins and Luke Chueh continue their streak and deliver some of the exhibit's best? 8-Bit virgins Anthony Ausgang, Jon Burgerman, SEEN, Jesse LeDoux, Travis Lampe and Mike Leavitt all seem like they could contribute some real winners. And Paul Wall?

Here's the full line-up (although be ready for some late additions) - and you tell me who you're excited about:

Erik Alos
Anthony Ausgang
Crystal Bedford
Leanne Biank
Brandon Bird
Mark Bodnar
Ryan Bubnis
Jude Buffum
Jon Burgerman
Mike Burnett
Scott Cambell
Martin Cendreda
Anna Chambers
Paul Chatem
Dave Chung
Sean Clarity
Matt Clark
Nic Cowen
Steven Daily
Matt Dangler
Bob Dob
Nome Edonna
Sandra Equihua
Jose Emroca Flores
Carl Greenblatt
Peter Gronquist
Jorge R. Gutierrez
Mr. Joe Hahn
Ryan Heshka
Elizabeth Ito
Aaron Jasinski
James Jean
Brian Kesling
Travis Lampe
Mike Leavitt
Joe Ledbetter
Jesse LeDoux
Christopher Lee
Ryan Lesser
Travis Louis
Jim Mahfood
Benjamin Marra
El Maz
Brian McCarty
Chris McD
Jeff McMillan
Brandi Milne
Tony Mora
Scott Morse
Chris Nichols
Ciro Nieli
Kieth Nordzy
NVC (Dr. Bao and Spive)
Kathie Olivas
Nathan Ota
Annie Owens
Daniel Peacock
Vincent Perea
John Pham
Isaac Pierro
Dave Pressler
Steve Purcell
Jen Rarey
Lesley Reppeteaux
Lou Romano
Reuben Rude
Dan Santat
Scott Scheidly
Jason Sho Green
Erik Siador
Greg Simkins
Amy Sol
Nathan Stapley
Shuji Suzuki
Gabe Swarr
Sean Szeles
Peter Taylor
Jeremy Tinder
Roland Tamayo
Rich Tuzon
Yosuke Ueno
Michelle Valigura
Joe Vaux
Amanda Visell
Paul Wall
Dave Wasson
Andrew Wilson
Rachel Wong
Johnny Yanok

G1988: LA


Anonymous said...

Jose Emroca Flores RULEZ!

Savage said...

I'm excited about i am 8-bit. Can't wait to go! I like the artwork by Gabe Swarr, Greg “Craola” Simkins, Luke Chueh, Bob Dob, Joe Ledbetter, Jose Emroca Flores, Amy Sol and Joe Ledbetter!

Savage said...

Yes, it seems I doubly like Joe Ledbetter!

Chris said...

Paul Wall? Haha, are you serious? Thats awesome. I finally got my license so im def gonna make it up for "i am 8-bit" this year.

Keith said...

Matt Danglers imagination speaks for itself, can't wait to actually see his 8 bit illustration

el maz said...

too many good artists on that line-up to list the ones i am excited about. let's just say i am excited about the whole damn thing! i have been working like a tibetan monk on mine. i am growing more arms tomorrow.