Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Um, there's something on your head.

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A beautiful new print, "Octogirl," by artist Camilla d'Errico was announced today to coexist with the opening of G1988: SF on April 21, 2007. It's a celebration, bitches.

Signed, numbered and printed on archival paper, this giclee will cost only $60.00 to kick off our Bay Area hub. It will be available starting the 21st of April. You can buy it at both of our locations and on the World Wide Web.

Does anyone else eat Baby Octopus at sushi bars? I do, and I love it. But from a marketing standpoint, I think they should probably change the name. Cause I don't know too many people willing to eat something that sounds so young and naive, that wasn't given a chance to grow up. Octopus or not.
It's like calling Baked Lays, "Innocent Potatoes That Have Been Mutilated" or calling bacon, "Young Pigs From Tight Knit Families Who Had Dreams Of Becoming A Dentist But The Vision Fell Short When They Were Cut Into Small Pieces." I don't care, but I bet most do.

Anyway, buy the print? - Jensen G1988: LA


Anonymous said...

I have a painting called octirette girl you might like the look of!!
www.karenburt.com under nonsense
karen xo

asylem said...

Baby roast duckling, with a myriad of fuzzy new fur. Cute AND delicious!

Love the blog btw! totally addicted to G1988! ADDICTED. Like cocaine but with art.