Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Where's the Cowardly Lion?

Can anyone vouch for the tornado that went just through the Hollywood area?

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I'm not sure I can do this one justice, but for about 5 minutes everything went dark, rain started to pour and the winds really picked up. The power at the gallery went out for exactly 4 minutes. The wind was actually slamming our front door shut, although it was already closed.

Then the skies cleared and now it's blue and sunny out again (it's even a little hot). Al Gore is somewhere laughing.

My sources also tell me that a huge building sized IPod ad on Highland and Santa Monica came down, covering small building around it. SOMEONE SAVE ANAWALT NOW!

Either way, G-d is mad at Hollywood. Actually whatever Higher Power you believe is most likely mad at us. It could be G-d and Allah teaming up. For one storm. Like Gnarls Barkley. But if the storm sells, they'll tour together. Then it gets real scary.

Did anyone else see this weather oddity?

G1988: LA

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