Friday, March 23, 2007

Getting Strong Now...

I AM 8-bit is steadily approaching and just about everyday now we get a piece that seems to outdo the next. Today it was Erik Alos's turn. Erik is an artist who was reccomended to us by Greg "Craola" Simkins and has since become a 1988 represented artist.

I remeber my first meeting with Erik and him explaning how he wanted to utilize his graf roots, but become more character based in the next 10-15 pieces he created. We both instantly saw a vision as to where he could go with his work and insane imagination, specifically for G1988: LA, and since then he's painted some techincal beauties, inclduing his piece for our Cheshire Cat show, which we still get comments on.

This year's 8-bit piece is a monster. It's a Super Mario explosion of sorts with enough detail and work in it to make Isaac Pierro (who was visiting during Erik's drop off) to say "Damn, you did your thing!" And for those who don't know, that's a major compliment from Isaac (right behind him saying the F word, then your name in an elongated fashion).

Erik works hard and it shows. The paintings take him weeks. This 8-bit piece (subtly displayed in the above picture, but still not blowing it's eventual unveiling) should help the world know his name. This one is gonna be a Mario fan's dream.

G1988: LA

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ERIK is the shizzle!