Tuesday, March 20, 2007

He's Just A Man...

How can anyone be stressed at work with a visit from LA art darling Luke Chueh? Luke came by to meet minds on an upcoming print at 1988 and shoot the shit with me about the definition of a "solo show." If anyone ever wants to get bored quickly, feel free to ask me about it.

Anyway, Luke has a big show coming up at M Modern in Palm Springs, and a "solo show" with us later in the year - not to mention a really funny 8-bit piece next month - so he's a busy bee. He and I also chatted on our common love for Toygers (if you don't know, please google it).

Katie and I sometimes call our LA gallery, "The House Luke Chueh Built," mostly because he was our first sell out and helped us really understand our mission and focus here. His incredible work was able to get us a lot of attention and it was then that we learned how to work our asses off for an artist. He brought Joe Ledbetter and Thomas Han into the gallery, which is always a plus, and he's just an all around fun guy.

Katie and I have talked about it before, and we really do feel like Luke is a member of our actual families (albiet just a cousin). It just really feels that way. He's done a lot for us, we've been through a lot and we're sure we'll be friends for a long time. Until then, please study the above picture of him, as it is rare that he is not doing his signature "FOB Peace sign," as seen below. PEACE!

G1988: LA


asylem said...

You guys need to bring some of your amazing G1988 art to Toronto! I'm dying up here!

Chris said...

dude so rad jensen. I skeezin live in Palm Springs, (well, Cathedral City, technically) and am sooo stoked that Luke Cheuh is comin here to do a show. Im deffiantly marking my calendar and am going to show up and gawk over the paintings. so rad.