Sunday, March 29, 2009

Urkel On Your Apple

Our homeboys at Gelaskins have hooked us up once again, this time celebrating the LA Gallery's 5th Anniversary. Employing Alex Pardee's "Idiot Box" piece of Family Matter's lovable dweeb, Steve Urkel, we ask the hi-pitched annoying question, "Did Weeeeeee Do That?" - cause even we totally baffled ourselves. There was only about 100 made of these combined, so it's first come, first serve - for free - for those who party at the opening reception of "Idiot Box," Thursday night, April 2, 7-11 PM. With this on your iPhone and a picture of you and Mr. Belding chugging a beer in your wallet, you will be the coolest person you know.

G1988: LA

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Chilligan said...

Man, I didn't think the video of this thing being created could be beat... but this is it. If only it was available for my phone.