Wednesday, October 10, 2007


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On the left we have Benjamin the Bugg, the golden boy and hometown hero weighing in at 14lbs, 6 oz. And on the right we have Finn the Min Pin, weighing in at 15lbs, 4 oz. He’s the OG G1988 mascot, returning to his roots all the way from rainy San Francisco, CA.

These two featherweights will face off for the FIRST TIME EVER, live this Friday at Gallery1988 Los Angeles! But who will be victorious? Will Finn’s wisdom and speedy foot work pay off? Or will Benjamin win first place with his distracting good looks and puppy charm?

Unfortunately, this showdown will not be open to the public, as it’s going to take place during Greg Simkins’ top secret installation Friday afternoon. But I promise to document the battle as I’ll be there to witness it myself because I’M COMING TO LA TOMORROW!!!

I am so excited to be back in LA.

See you all Friday night at Greg's show!

Katie (and Finn)
G1988 San Francisco

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