Thursday, October 11, 2007

Craola Installation - DAY THREE - Live Blogging

Day Three brings creativity galore. Greg is putting together a window display (hence those bags I was confused about) and it's really dope (is "dope" still cool to say? Actually, is "cool" still cool to say?). This show is AMAZING and I really can't say enough about Greg's new work. Absolutely breathtaking and setting a standard for artists in his peer group (now I know I'm not cool, I said "peer group.") Here are some pics...

Worst part of owning a gallery? Window stickers. I really seem to be the worst at it, but with Greg's help - all is easier.


Emily from StrangeCo stopped in and held Greg's baby, Isaac. YES, he's spitting up as I took the picture. But you probably didn't notice that, because you're looking at those ink pieces, huh?

We leaked three paintings, two on and one on, so find those, as I'm just to lazy to photobucket them.

Until later...

G1988: LA

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