Tuesday, October 30, 2007

A Day Of Opportunities....

What is usually just "The Day Before Halloween" quickly turns into a serious day of opportunity.

In San Francisco tonight, we open "Paper Pushers" - a monsterous show with over 300 pieces, all on paper, with incredible prices. Again, some serious opportunities. Cherri Wood, anyone? She's incredible, as are a ton of new names in the bunch. The opening reception will be tonight in SF, from 7-10 PM. But blog readers....


There's your preview that YOU CAN purchase from, just cut and paste away. And then call Katie, she's holding down the fort at the SF gallery today. You're welcome on that one.

And lastly, more focused on the most important thing to me....ME. Here's the whole final Hot Karl performance from last week (no matter what the date on the video says) in Pasadena. It's well over 40 minutes, but rather fun to watch, especially as you probably could never imagine me subtly grabbing my crotch and rhyming words in an aggressive manner. It's NOT SAFE FOR WORK, as I have the mouth of a truck driving sailor who gets paid for every f-word I release. With my mom on stage. So here you go..

And with that, Hot Karl is dead. MORE ART FOR EVERYONE in return!

G1988: LA

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