Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Whatever, dude.

I don't really know what to say. I'm so tired and to think I'm not gonna give a detailed blog post the day after what is hands down the coolest and most ridiculous opening of our existence bothers me tremendously, but you know what else bothers me? Not sleeping. And my Acid Reflux. Which makes me sound like I'm 74 years old. I haven't had time to download pictures, but I'm sure a Google search tomorrow will find you better pics than I took. And I know VinylPulse should be posting their recap, pictures and video soon. But here's the rundown in the least amount of words possible:

*estimated 2,500 people

Also, Kevin Smith, Scott Mosier, Jason Mewes, the dude who bangs a donkey in Clerks 2, Edgar Wright, Richard Kelley, James Duvall, Ralph Garman of Joe Schmo (a G1988 FAVORITE), lead singer of Alkaline Trio all swung through and hung out, which was very cool to see. But beating that is the appearance of Samuel L. Jackson in the gallery today. All I'll say is whoever wins the signed Chris Lee poster is a serious WINNER. Oh which reminds me, you have until tomorrow to send your answers in.

I'll start linking press (G4, MTV, Reelz Channel, LA Weekly, assorted blogs, Getty Images, etc) in the next few days and posting my pictures which include artists and the directors of the films they remixed together, which is ill. That's it for now.

I just want to thank Kevin and Scott for just being good dudes. I mean, they could easily be a-holes, but seeing the excitement on their faces when they first saw the artwork, especially the pieces which reflect their movies, was really a new emotion for me. I'm so used to Hollywood types being jerks and awful people, it was a breath of fresh air. Made me actually want to utilize my film degree, then I remember my last Hollywood job of getting Stephen Baldwin a Schwinn from Reseda on the set of Flintstones II and him calling me a douche bag for not getting him a horn (although he didn't ask for one), driving back to Reseda (which was an hour away), but realizing he had went home when I returned, and then him never asking for the horn ever again. So I'm guessing his new religion must forgive him for berating unpaid 19 year old interns, but encourage bike sales-related mind reading.

I digress. Thank you to everyone who made it out and keep this in mind. This show is annual.

G1988: LA


steven said...

Samuel L. That's so illlllll.

RobSchwager said...

Congrats on the traffic through the gallery. That's always kick ass!

Take care of that reflux though... it can be a bitch.

caro said...

thankyou jensen for putting together the show!yri

Anonymous said...

When do we find out the winner?