Friday, July 13, 2007

Dick Clark's Ball Does It

We're in a countdown, folks. The weekend is here, marking a very fast approaching CRAZY 4 CULT show opening Tuesday night. We were mentioned in Variety today (as well as Campus Circle), so the press is building. But Variety? That's gotta be a first for an art show, right? Oh, I got this picture from the Film Freak the other day, which also will somewhat reveal the final piece from Jeff McMillan, which you see a rough draft of on the shows' postcard. It's Leo the Film Freak, Scott Mosier, Me and Kevin:

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That piece is totally incredible. It has to be seen to be believed. And you'll see it soon.

Besides that, I'm more stressed that an Armenian man making an arm waxing appointment. For the record, I'm allowed to say that as I am half Armenian (but full hairy). The work is being dropped off as I write this, and each one is more impressive. Some obscure movies represented? How about Better Off Dead? Yup. TWO DOLLARS.

Don't miss this show.

G1988: LA

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Anonymous said...

Only arm? And we again have to "enjoy" hairy legs at Sevan? errrr