Monday, July 9, 2007

Central Webcasting

Kevin Smith and Scott Mosier in all their glory getting down for CRAZY 4 CULT. A few webcast clips below and I'll selfishly highlight the parts about us for the ADD inflicted.

Clip 1 - Hear Kevin say he may have liked "Step Up" because he took a great dump before he saw it, then see some art show love around 8 minutes. They say some super nice shit around 11 and 13 minutes that may have to become my answering machine. Jen Rarey, Misha, Jeff McMillan, Mahfood all get checked - so let's assume they're smiling.

Clip 2 - Kevin calls Jeff McMillan's piece the "Mona Lisa of Geek Art" to kick it off. He hints that one cult director with the initials "Q.T." might be at the opening at 3:30, Kevin promotes the Simpsons x Vans series (just cause he likes cool shit, not because he's paid to do it) at 4:30, a caller promotes the gallery with confusion at about 10 minutes, Kevin makes me jealous by admitting he owns a Haring at 11:00 and then blows my mind by saying he has a 12 foot commission from Gottfried Helnwein of his kid's face.

This one's gonna be a lot of fun. Remember - July 17th!

G1988: LA

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Anonymous said...

He said my piece was DOPE!!!