Monday, July 16, 2007

2 reasons

He breathes heavy
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I have to get my beauty rest, so I'm calling it a night early, but I'll give you two parting reasons why to attend our biggest show of the year, Crazy 4 Cult, which opens tomorrow, Tuesday night, from 7-11 PM.

#1) Hosts Kevin Smith and Scott Mosier, who will be promoting the art show on KROQ tomorrow morning during the Kevin and Bean show at 7:35 AM.

#2) Peter Gronquist made that blinged out Darth Vader with Gucci eyelids and roller blades, naming him "Darth Blader."

With that....I'll see you there.

G1988: LA


What's more than Les in LA? said...

great idea, great execution. i already want to go back. for some reason i really wanted to hug the darth blader ... is that normal? i might just have to head over there this weekend and hug it. i'll likely get yelled at, but it'll be worth it. it's not a crime to love dammit!

Savage said...

Great show and all of LA was there. We had a blast. You sure know how to throw a party. :)