Friday, July 6, 2007

The Radio Star Is Back From The Dead

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Kathie Olivas "Veruca Salt" acrylic on canvas (inspired by Willy Wonka)

So there's our first peak into the CRAZY 4 CULT show with Kathie Olivas and her Golden Goose conquering spoiled brat from the Gene Wilder Willy Wonka. And YES, they are ALL this good.

Speaking of CRAZY 4 CULT - on Saturday night, July 7th, at 7 PM on 97.1 Free FM Talk, Kevin Smith and Scott Mosier will be promoting the Cult exhibit on the Leo Quinones "Film Freak" show. Those in LA can tune in with their radios, while those who wanna listen on the web can tune into, where there will also be a LIVE WEBCAST in order to see Kevin's shorts while he's talking. Make sure to tune in, as rarely do LA art shows get promoted on CBS radio stations. This will also be filmed by the REELZ channel for a later broadcast, so do your hair nice.

G1988: LA


Anonymous said...

Hey, have you all ever thought of doing a prints/web-only show? I love the art, but I don't live in SF or LA. It would be awesome to have a roll-up show from previous shows that was web-only and allowed viewers to buy nice prints of the work.

G1988 said...

Explain..I don't totally get it.

Chris said...


so you've had all these great shows already, with lots of good publicity on the web. I'm sure I'm not the only one that goes to the g1988 site and drools over all the cool art.

the problem is one of scale. because you get so much world wide publicity, you've created a market for the art at your shows that far exceeds the number of works you could reasonably show.

so, have you ever thought of staging a "web" exhibition where the number of works you can show is much, much larger? and instead of selling just originals, which only one person could buy, this show could be all (or at least mostly) about selling high-quality prints of these really great works.

that way, those of us that have no chance of getting any of the originals can at least have a shot at getting a print or two -- even if the prints were limited runs. (large runs would, of course, be better)

Aristides said...

Hey Chris,
I recently started purchasing from g1988 and had very little problem getting the pieces that I wanted from them on opening night. They update the site the day of and were great over the phone when i called the night of the opening. Both in SF and LA i didn't have a problem seeing what was available. Yes there were a few that were already sold that i really wanted but that happens at any gallery. When I called Jensen was great and helped get an idea about the size of the pieces.

Hell the last Kozyndan show in new york was sold out by the time the doors opened which sucked for any of us that got there an hour later.
I have to disagree about the print situation. Prints are great for college students and offices but for home and a few hundred i want an original. The only prints in my collection are monoprints which i love. I also would not spend the amount that i want to spend if I know that everybody can get a high quality print the only artist in g1988 stable I would consider would be B-Bird and it is because of his use of pop culture.