Friday, June 1, 2007

This Land is His Land

I know I'm supposed to focus on art, and I'm currently getting ready for the KHF Meet and Greet tonight at 6-9 PM, as well as leaking one of many teaser video trailers for July's CRAZY 4 CULT group show on Vinyl, but I couldn't let this pass.

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Reported in the Daily Mail in the UK:

This 60-storey house is for just one family.

India's richest man, Mukesh Ambani, is planning a palace in the heart of Mumbai with helipad, health club, hanging gardens and six floors of car parking.

His wife, mother and three children will live there with him, looked after by 600 live-in staff.

Construction has already started on what will eventually be a 175m tower and planners are aiming to complete it in September 2008.

Earlier this year, Forbes rated Mr Ambani as the richest resident Indian with a net worth of US$20.1 billion.

He came 14th in Forbes' 2007 worldwide rankings.

Currently he is chairman of petroleum major Reliance Industries Ltd, India's largest private sector company

The building, already worth £500 million, could start a rush on skyscrapers.


The thing that struck me most is that he number 14 on the Forbes' list. Number 14???? What are these other 13 people living in? This shit is so Fifth Element I don't know what to say? Why 6 floors of parking? For LA reference, that's the Grove's parking lot. And who wants to replicate that? Is this art?

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El Maz said...

yeah, but is he happy? what's that you say? oh fuck...he IS happy? well fuck him and his 60 stories then. if i owned that place, i would piss out of the window every morning just to show the rest of the world what i thought of them

Silk said...

to say that i'm at a loss of words is a drastic understatement. i mean, wow.

here i am trying to find a 1 bedroom apt that meets the right balance of allowing me to live in a decent area while still paying off my student loans and saving for a house at the same time...and then there's this guy.

i knew i picked the wrong career .

Lamar The Revenger said...

60 stories, 600 employees, 3 kids, and one wife... Lets see, all five of them get one person to wipe them after they're done. The rest of the 595 are then used by major US corporations for outsourcing. Their offices are in the 54 floors not being used by the family of snobs.