Thursday, May 31, 2007

Meet, Greet, Feet.

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No eye infections on the horizon, as the Kurt Halsey Frederiksen Meet & Greet is happening Friday night (June 1st) from 6-9 PM and Saturday afternoon (June 2nd) from 12-3 PM. Kurt will be in the Los Angeles gallery signing autographs, taking pictures, kissing babies, giving his take on the recent Elizabeth Hassleback comments, Kobi Bryant's behavior, tasting grape soda, etc. He also has promised some gifts for those who attend either day, as well as a sneak peek into some future projects he's working on. Should be a fun night, and what better time to buy the two remaining pieces in the show, then in front of the artist himself? Alright, that was stretch. But we'll have fun no matter what.

See you there.

G1988: LA

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steven said...

Man,that house is amazing!
so sci fi i loves it!