Saturday, May 19, 2007

We Have A Virus

Being the comic book nerd I am, things revolving around Batman and the film adaptations of the Dark Knight, cause a bit of a stir within my little dorky soul. I liked the first Burton Batman a lot, LOVED the second Burton one with Penguin and a quick cameo of Paul Reubens, but every incarnation since had smelled like the poop that was found near our gallery dumpster last week (take my word, that means the movies sucked). But once Chris Nolan took over, I was brought right back in where Joel Schumaker threw me out. And with a sequel looming for Nolan's Batman, I was hesitant to celebrate when Heath Ledger was named the new Joker (I still campaign for Crispin Glover, thanks). BUT this week, a website was built for "Harvey Dent" (also known as Two-Face from the comics) showing Aaron Eckhart (of "In The Company of Men" fame) depicting the villian like this:

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THEN, next door to the gallery, at Golden Apple Comics, we noticed this on the front sidewalk, written in chalk...

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THHHEEEENNN, when they were cleaning up Golden Apple, they ended up finding these all over the store (in comic books, in the bathroom, etc.)...

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Yup, it all says "I believe in Harvey Dent," with nutso laughter depicted next to it. I smell a very well thought out viral campaign and I'm aboard. I tell ya, we are slowly becoming the dorkus hub over here on Melrose and La Brea, so don't come to the corner talking bout Winston's on Santa Monica, your agent at Endeavor or your lunch at Mazzo with Amy Heckerling. Bring your B game, we're getting nerdy.

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