Tuesday, May 8, 2007


The artwork for our next SF show is starting to be dropped off! It feels like Christmas (even though it's 100 degrees outside. Trust me - I'm not complaining. I love this weather!) But these are definitely my favorite days in the gallery. I know I don't get to keep them for myself, but it's still exciting to open big packages and find these amazing paintings inside. Yes, I do have the best job ever!

The new show is REALLY strong. There's some great work coming in! Here's one by Travis Lampe...

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It's called "Accidental Mishap" and I can't get over the expression on the unicorn's face. I love it! Travis has another piece in the show too, but you'll have to wait until the show opens to see it. It's a surprise.

The show is called "The Onset" and it opens a week for today! YES, ONE WEEK! I'm excited and I know you'll be excited too when you see the lineup...

Derek Albeck, Angry Woebots, Bob Dob, Mark Bodnar, Buff Monster, Scott Campbell, Keeley Carrigan, Matt Dangler, Nome Edonna, Ekundayo, ESM-Artificial, Peter Gronquist, Ahren Hertel, Aaron Jasinski, Brian Kesling, Wednesday Kirwan, Travis Lampe, Joe Ledbetter, Dan May, Jeff McMillan, Brandi Milne, Misha, Isaac Pierro, Reuben Rude, KRK Ryden, Jason Sho Green, Nathan Stapley, Jophen Stein, Roland Tamayo, Cameron Tiede, Michelle Valigura, David van Alphen, Amanda Visell, Andrew Wilson, and Yoskay Yamamoto.

See, I told you. That's a great lineup.

The opening is Tuesday, May 15th 7-10PM at G1988SF. We're trying out our Tuesday night opening tradition up here in SF for the first time. Wish us luck, or even better... see you there!


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emily said...

Are you going to coordinate the LA to SF bus for this opening?