Saturday, May 26, 2007

A Horse is a Horse

3 day Holiday weekends don't mean much when you own and work at a gallery that is always closed Mondays, and almost always open on Saturdays. So while you're striking up the BBQ and playing old Donnie Hathaway records, I'm staring at the only 2 Kurt Halsey pieces still available for purchase and playing Donnie Wahlberg records (OK, not really. But the double bookend useage of Donnie seemed to be literary).

But I did venture down the street to Munky King again, this time to say hi to old friend EWOK 5MH (NY), who released his new toy, the Horselington, today. EWOK showed with us in one of our first art shows back in 2004, "Three Corner Hustle," with REVOK (who I also saw today when he got his oil changed across the street. Thanks, Jiffylube!) and TOTEM TATS. AAAANNNNDDD....EWOK also did produce a nice little landmark in the gallery bathroom back when we first opened...

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So when I pee, I think EWOK (and not just because I'm hairy, you jerk). Anyway, here are pictures of EWOK's toy and the man himself (who is starting to look a lot like vintage Groucho).

And who could miss the sneak peek at Buffmonster's upcoming toy, which looked great and numerous in colorways.

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So go back to your corn and the cob, and I'll go back and stare at my EWOK in the bathroom. No, not that! You're really mean to me and I'm not sure how much more I can take.

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