Saturday, June 9, 2007

The Mother Land of Israel Sanchez

As we get ready to take down the epic exhibit that is Kurt Hasley Frederiken's first solo at 1988: LA (one piece remaining now btw), we ready ourselves for a group show of 8 artists opening on the 19th. "Packed and Loaded" features some names you might recognize, and some that might prove to be a brand new artist for your repertoire. One of these new names to 1988 is Israel Sanchez. An artist heavily influenced by childrens' book illustrations (not to mention "Neverending Story," a movie he's depicted in one of his pieces before), Israel is a CA native (La Habra, stand up!) and here's a sneak peek at a piece he'll have in the "Packed and Loaded" show.

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The weekend is here, so my words are limited. Keep it gangster.

G1988: LA

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