Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Y - The Last Man

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I know this makes two non-art related posts in a row, but it's hard not to incorporate some sort of personal life in this blog, especially when it involves something I've been a part of one time in my life.

WWE wrestler Chris Benoit appears to have killed his wife, 7 year old son, then himself at his Atlanta home this past weekend. Some of you might not know, but last year I spent a few months as a writer over at WWE, travelling to up to 3 shows a week, living in Stanford, CT and working hand-in-hand with wrestlers everyday on their RAW and Smackdown TV shows. I worked with Chris a bunch of times and am just sort of shocked at the news. He was always a rather quiet guy, very high on respect and seemed to be totally normal, especially as he had been in the business about 20 years. I know I can't delve much into my time there, but that business is so rough and the schedule is so difficult (on both the mind and these wrestlers' bodies), I can't help but see this as a tragic result of the biz. I don't know who to pray for, but I know I just feel awful for his poor wife and child.

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