Sunday, May 24, 2009


Slowly creeping into Memorial Day, we've have had a pretty surreal weekend at the gallery while installing "Quiet Storm." A woman was leaning against our front panel window, when her boyfriend bearhugged her into the glass - hence smashing it and breaking the entire window. We had JUST left the gallery, so we didn't see it first hand, as it sound more like a scene from "Walker, Texas Ranger" than reality, but it was very weird. They weren't hurt, which is also a miracle, so it's all a little strange. We're boarded up for now, hoping we can get a new window put in for Tuesday night's opening reception. Fingers crossed for no more bearhugs.

Time for a sneak preview of Roland Tamayo's work for this Tuesday night's "Quiet Storm," a few pieces to talk about over the BBQ.

The last one is for all my bowlers out there...

These pieces are stunning in person. Roland just gets better and better every show, really finding his voice and style over the past year.

Have a great holiday!

G1988: LA

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