Thursday, May 14, 2009

One For You, One For Me

Love random finds. Was just checking out the trailer for the new Steven Soderbergh movie, "The Girlfriend Experience," a mainstream (but indie) movie starring XXX's biggest star Sasha Grey (in a what seems to be her R-Rated debut), when I noticed the "2 Girls" print from Audrey Kawasaki that we sold exclusively here at G1988: LA back in 2006. I'm under the impression it's the first print ever produced with Audrey. Could be wrong. Either way, cool to see it in a movie.

For those now buying this print on eBay, remember at one time it cost $125 here, and it didn't sell out for about a month. Good to get in at the beginning.

You can see the entire trailer by CLICKING HERE.

G1988: LA

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