Saturday, May 16, 2009

I hear it

Our next show at G1988: LA is a little over a week away and the work that's pouring in (that'll be a pun later, keep it in mind) is awe-inspiring. The show is called "Quiet Storm" and it features artwork from 4 artists, Roland Tamayo (LA), Krista Huot (Canada), Scott Campbell (NY) and ghostpatrol (Australia). This is one of those small group shows where each artist has a similar theme employed in each of their works, a sort of petite touch of quaint and emotion, but the similarity is extremely hard to put into words. It's a beautiful Saturday here in LA, so why not give you a small peek at 2 pieces from the show?


Krista Huot

Can't wait to see more from this show, and I hope to bring you previews from Scott and Roland next week as well.

Until then, watch the skies.

G1988: LA

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