Friday, October 31, 2008

Judge and Juri

It's Halloween night and our second ever show is up and running. Juri Ueda of Osaka, Japan is the focus this time with her solo exhibit "Tiny Tunes," and she SUPER delivered. Exhibiting 15 brand new pieces, all $350 or cheaper AND some are framed, is totally unheard of for an international artist with this great of output. I really encourage you to check out the full show and know these look even better in person. I put a serious stamp of approval on this show. And listen, I know that nobody will be looking through it tonight, I get it. But what better way to wind down a Halloween night, and maybe drunk-impulse buy a piece of art, than with Juri and 88point5? Especially if you're dressed up as a cat, or a sexy nurse, or Freddy Krueger, or Condoleezza Rice, or a a sexy Condoleezza Rice. Either way, take a look, it's a proud day for 88point5.

CLICK ON WWW.88POINT5.COM to take look, Condoleezza.

G1988: LA

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