Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Juri Ueda's for sale... almost

Here are a few Juri Ueda pieces that will be available in her new online show "Tiny Tunes" at www.88point5.com.

If you click on the images, a larger file will open in a new window. You can really see the colors and texture up close. Some of these might make nice prints, hm...

watercolor on paper
7.5 x 11 inches unframed

Tinytune #6
watercolor on paper
7 x 7 inches unframed

watercolor on paper
7.5 x 11 inches
11 x 15 inches framed

Juri has 15 new original paintings that are ALL priced between $225.00-$350.00! You can't beat these prices!

The show will be online this Friday evening and then we will start taking orders Saturday, Nov. 1st at 12PM PST at (415) 409-1376 or gallery1988sf@gmail.com.

(415) 409-1376

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