Thursday, August 21, 2008

Wait, what?

I usually don't blog this early (It's past noon somewhere in the world, right?), but I couldn't resist this one.

I got to the gallery early today to work on some Cult stuff, and heard a knock at the locked back door. Thinking it would be our Fed Ex or UPS guy, I jumped up to answer it, only to notice it was a homeless man screaming at the top of his lung (not a joke). He looked like a run down version of Larry, the upstairs neighbor on Three's Company, which sounds comforting, but trust me, it is not. I obviously didn't open the door, telling him we were closed, trying to get a word in as he screamed and yelled words like "movement" and "transition" - without making any sense at all. Point is, after about a minute and half, he stopped, slid a piece of paper under the door and quietly walked away. And here's the pamphlet...

It's something from "Citizens For Our Betterment" (?) which is totally freaking insane. And inside makes even less sense. Anyway, be on the lookout cause homeless dudes have serious paperwork with them today. I think he took the Crazy 4 "Cult" thing the wrong way, maybe?

G1988: LA


Anonymous said...

umm, sometimes viral marketing...goes viral?

Anonymous said...

Yeah. It looks like a lot of bands have had a hand in derailing it. The Academy Is..., for example.

shaunna said...

okay.. that's creepy.

shelby said...

oh don't worry, there have been pictures of people holding stacks of these fliers...It all has to to with Fall Out Boy...just check out and you will know basically what everyone else has figured out already(which isn't a helluva lot really).

GraffitixSlam said...

Craig Mackay said...

That's like the clip of the lady who saw a rainbow in her sprinkler spray and was convinced the government had put something in the water. People are nuts.

&Rew said...


if i was more homeless than i am now, and i had a pamphlet - i'd scream on your porch too man.


A Citizen said...

citizens for our betterment.

do you ever look in the mirror and say to yourself "i will never believe in anything AGAIN"

do you yawn at these speeches that only pay lip service to real plights?

This is your chance to shake that person in the mirror, to give that speech to yourself.

Change is here.

It is your's if you want to take it.

Vote with us,

Vote for us.