Saturday, August 23, 2008

The Gist

Listen, I'm dead tired. We had a 2 block line that reached a movie theatre that when I usually pass when walking from the gallery I feel is a long way away. And the line was THAT long for the entire night. Totally crazy. Some insane cult celebs appeared and we announced our special guest for next year, 2009's Crazy 4 Cult 3-D. I'm betting most people didn't even see the banner above the windows on their way out. Weird, huh? More on that later. Tons of stuff sold, people are really loving it - and I think everyone agrees - this is our best show ever.

Anyway....we're live now. Meaning, buy posters and prints at and check out the artwork at You can buy from all that. At least what others haven't forced a SOLD tag on.

Ok, that's enough.

G1988: LA

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Unknown said...

That was a great show Jensen! Bang-up job you did putting all that together! It was a great time with lots of great artwork and people.

Oh, I saw the sign with Weird Al and am looking forward to that next year!