Thursday, August 7, 2008

New Contest Ya'll

Those on our mailing list may have seen this announcement already, but now the contest is about to go full swing. Andrew Wilson's cult poster is causing quite a stir, as it should, it's freaking amazing. Besides being available for only $35 starting August 22 at 7 PM, e also are having a contest where if you can name every character name depicted in the piece, you win not only the actual print signed by Andrew Wilson and some surprise guests, but you also get a ton of other Crazy 4 Cult prints and merch too! It's a full fledged contest, like we did last year with Chris Lee's Cult poster. Here is the poster, and it's blank numbered counterpart.

So, just match the character's name from the cult movie with the corresponding number and send it over to our email address, by August 28 and we'll select one winner to take home an awesome prize package. Now, I know these are a little small to do your thang, but we've posted larger, clickable versions on now, so use those as your points of reference. Good luck to all, you'll need it. 130?????

G1988: LA

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mikeC said...

Cool, my eyes are blasted from looking at the small version for a couple days, thanks!