Thursday, April 3, 2008

Up and Early

Been at the Gallery since 8:30 AM as ABC is filming a nice little segment on the TOYS! exhibit...

Max Grundy is ready for his close-up. Look for this segment to run at 5 PM tonight on Channel 7 (unless we get bumped for breaking news like a 2 headed bird birthed in Switzerland. In that case, it would run tomorrow). I'll link it up when it's available online, as I may have been able to once again sneak the sentence, "...and you can tell by the results" into my interview (a practice I've tried to accomplish since our first coverage in 2005).

Oh, here's a long version of the news segment that's been running all week. CLICK HERE TO SEE THE VIDEO, as this is the Channel 2 CBS version. Weirdly, in LA, our Channel 2 and Channel 9 are owned by the same people, making for a weird deja vu feeling when changing the channels during the news hour.

Shout out to Jack FM, who gave us the same thing during drive time the other day for the TOYS! exhibit. I also want to thank Seth Green for jumping into the press madness on opening night and saying such nice things about the exhibit and the gallery. Good people that Seth.

So, when we do big events like this, sometimes a photographer is hired to take photos of the night and try and get them picked up the Associated Press and hence, published all over the Internet. And they'll take a bajillion pictures, but only about one or two will be ever seen by someone outside of the show production. So I usually get a disc of all the pictures a day or two later, and this disc is always dependable for a dozen or so laughs, and this one is no different. Here we go...and we'll end with this show's winner, finding itself all over the web. These were all taken during the private 6-7 reception we had in the gallery for a Mattel only preview.

Greg has a serious stare down with his Hot Wheels illustration.

The Dangler HAD to smile, even if it just barely snuck in there. I mean, look at how cute that bear is. You have to grin a little. Making an angry face in front of that painting would be like meeting the person behind Hello Kitty and finding out they have a Swastika tattoo on their bicep.

Danielle Rizollo, a newcomer to 1988, not only sold her piece, but also took pictures of other artists' pieces in order to print them on her home Epson and sell them through Photobucket. I kid. She uses Flickr.

Since in my prior life I found myself on a stage a lot, I know that I usually look like a total moron with a microphone in my hand. While talking (or performing) I make faces that would make Peter North jealous. I'm like the John Mayer of gallery owners. Take these examples, as we had a small little presentation for the employees and VIPs of Mattel and our partner charity CAAF.

I mean, really? I look AWFUL.

I also had to introduce Greg Simkins, who did the whole dog and pony show for the press and such. He did a great job, as I know being put on the spot like that isn't exactly what you sign up for when you decide to start showing in galleries.

Here's a better picture of the real size Hot Wheel that was parked outside during the exhibit.

And then the photo guy makes you take a lot of posed pictures, pretending they are candid, which is always good for a laugh. Usually, during these shots, everyone involved is saying, "Man, this is awkward" and laughing, but to anyone looking at the photo on the web, it looks like someone either just told a joke or watched an elderly person fall.

Those are all mixes of me, Greg, the execs at Hot Wheels/Mattel and our representative from CAAF. Here's our 3rd grade class photo.

And as if they didn't get enough attention this week (I mean, it was the dude's first gallery showing EVER and now he has a commission waiting list)...The Browns.

Mark celebrated his first (and second) gallery sale ever and this dude has a future brighter than Ryan Seacrest's teeth.

Even artists got into the staged photo ops. Jeff McMillan and Greg Simkins present: "Amazement."

Which brings us to the TOYS! winner. Ladies and gentlemen, I present to you the winner, a picture now picked up my numerous sources and plastered throughout the WWW: Jeff McMillan asking you to touch his car.

Don't believe me? Check this out:




I mean, and that's three I found with a quick search. Congrats, Jeff, you're our Associated Press darling and we couldn't be happier.

On top of that, thanks to Hypebeast for the post, as well as, Clutter Magazine,, German Welt Online, MetroMix,, Flavor Pill, La2Day, The Guide at LA Times, LAist, All About Duncan, DUB, Thrillist and Vinyl Pulse for their coverage.

And there's still more to come. I'm looking at you, Wolf Blitzer.

G1988: LA


Quid Squid said...

link to the news coverage is asking me to save and then won't open. just thought i'd let you know.

Anonymous said...

Really? Cause its working for us. Anyone else having trouble?

Anonymous said...

Link works fine for me.

Quid Squid said...

got it working, but had to view it in safari (which still asked me to save it and view externally), firefox is still a no go.

Unknown said...

I like it how you are pulling lots of funny faces in your speech but everyone else looks so serious. But you look like a funny guy.