Thursday, April 17, 2008

No Bigger

So last night saw the debut of Real World: Hollywood on MTV which showed off some of the art they picked up for Gallery 1988 rather nicely. PlasticGod has a ton of full body and head pieces throughout the house, including a nice stretch on the way to the bathroom that was shown a ton in the premiere. The pieces look like this for those keeping score at home:

I also peeped the Peter Gronquist Power Glove near the kitchen and the Chris Lee Crazy 4 Cult poster too! Make sure to tune into the Real World, which seems to air every 15 minutes on MTV and look for the 1988 connection, as there are a lot more pieces to be seen over the course of what seems to be a rather turbulent season.

And tonight, I will be the featured guest on Canadian radio stations CJAD and CFRB talking it up about the TOYS! exhibition. Those outside of the Great North can check it out at 11:05 PM PST (too lazy to look it up for every time zone), at either or I once visited Canada in my past lifetime as part of a music project with 50 Cent (pre-uber fame). About 15 minutes into our trip, while getting settled at the hotel, 50 cent was immediately deported by dudes in suits. It was one of the weirdest experiences of my life. Besides that, I know very little about Canada. But now I know they are interested in the TOYS! exhibit, so I'm down with it. No deportation, please.

G1988: LA

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Allison said...

i caught those plasticgod pieces as soon as i saw it.. which was about 1508324 times since MTV plays the same episode 2038420348 times a day