Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Arms Race

I can't believe the TOYS! show is already entering its last week already! The show closes here in Los Angeles on the 25th, so make sure to stop by if you can, before it's all gone! But it won't be dead...

Lucky attendees of Comic-Con will be seeing many of the vans, and related merchandise and appearances resulting from this show, as a major focal point at Mattel's Hot Wheels presence this year. But more on that down the road.

It's not all bad news as TOYS! finds itself in our previous exhibitions - it does make room for our next show, one I've been excited for since we booked it a year and a half ago.

It's a special engagement show filled wall to wall with customized weapons from Bay Area second amendment satirist Peter Gronquist. Peter takes serious weapons of death (although mostly guns, he's also messed with tanks and guillitines in the past) and puts his own spin on the firearms (now plugged and harmless replicas that is) by incorporating designer prints and ridiculous gold plating, hence creating a whole new creation. Some people might recognize these guns from visits to nearby Melrose boutique SURU, as the owner, Joe Hahn, had purchased some of Peter's first pieces a few years back and decided to include them into his store's design. Joe has told us that although the gun has a serious NOT FOR SALE sign on it at his spot, he has gotten offers that are 5 to 6 times higher than he paid for it. Joe has some day job playing records or something, so he was more into keeping his gems for prosperity. Truth is, we don't come by these much, as they usually sell out immediately upon delivery in the past, even garnering fans like Lupe Fiasco and Swizz Beats.

Peter actually sent us over some work in progress pictures that would make Ted Nugent jealous and ready to attend the opening reception, Saturday night, May 3 from 7-10 PM.

Although shiny like Lil Wayne's teeth, that last one does has the Murakami LV print, proving this show can not be missed.

And then there's always this...

Yes, he really did make a LV golf bag / gun holster for the inner Rambo in you. That's just screaming for inclusion in some Summer blockbuster.

G1988: LA

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