Friday, April 4, 2008

One Number Off

We just got our second American Idol wrong phone number, so I'm beginning to think we have a number that's eerily close to a number affiliated with the show. This one was the from the office of the Governor of New Mexico, asking to speak with whoever is charge of contestant background checks for the show. First instinct was to say, "Me!" and just talk out of my ass, listening to whatever problem New Mexico has with somebody on the show, then telling the good Governor that we suggest she "take a bowl of poop and stick her problems, and face, into it." But we went with the nicer option, although a little lower on my instinct meter, and said they had the wrong number. I'm telling you though, next AI call, I'm going with it. You've been warned, David Cook.

CLICK HERE FOR ABC 7 COVERAGE OF THE HOT WHEELS SHOW! We're on TV more than that Head-On commercial ("Apply directly to the forehead"). Going to be a busy weekend.

G1988: LA

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