Wednesday, January 13, 2010


Things have been crowded here at "Under The Influence: Masters of the Universe," with tons of people coming and in of the gallery everyday, wanting to check out our version of Castle Greyskull. Figured I'd swing by the blog quickly and give my favorite examples of the massive amount of press we've gotten for this show.

One of my favorite websites, LAist, marked the exhibit as one of their weekly must-see's. You can read that by CLICKING HERE.

LOVE the LA Weekly blog article about the show. You can read that by ">CLICKING HERE.

And as I've said before, my favorite press to get has always been in outlets that never cover art shows in our genre. And a perfect example of that is popular gossip site, PinkIsTheNewBlog. Trent swung by, picked up some amazing pieces and talked about it. Thanks, Trent! You can read that by CLICKING HERE.

Anyway, there's more press out there, but these are just some of my favs. Google away if you want to see more. And make sure to swing by this month and hang out in the Castle.


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TINT said...

WOW. This show really blew my mind. We took photos too! Check it out guys:

Keep up the amazingness!