Thursday, January 7, 2010

Artwork Preview!

It has been a CRAZY week with He-Man opening in LA and Krista Huot's solo show in SF. We have Krista's preview now online, so definitely check out her amazing new work. She put together a beautiful show centered around storybooks and fairtales, a perfect combination with her style!

See the entire show here:

The opening is this Saturday, Jan. 9th at G1988 San Francisco. Krista is in town, so stop by and say hello!

G1988 SF


KFM Gallery said...

gorgeous! and thanks for posting her blog..

Anonymous said...

we were at the show for He-Man and lucky we got their early enough and be let in early...I saw some awesome painting in their but the one's that stood out the most was of an artist I have never heard of before Van Saro? his two pieces were AMAZING!! sooo classical and very well painted..i'm surprised either one of those are not under your category of favorites....