Friday, September 25, 2009

Way Beyond

A rare Art Fair appearance by us, but we had to do something for Beyond Eden since the concept and participating galleries seemed so cool. We usually pride ourselves on being outside the LA art bubble, but we couldn't be more proud of what we're bringing to Beyond Eden.

Taking place October 9th, 10th and 11th at the LA Municipal Gallery at Barnsdall Park, we'll be displaying new available works from Shannon Bonatakis, Ben Strawn, Scott Campbell, Lauren Gregg (who has one new painting called "Farting Falcor" - so take that snooty art fair patrons!), Krista Huot and Daniel Danger.

While we're at it...let's preview one of Scott's new Showdowns he created for Beyond Eden. THAT DAMN FAX MACHINE!

He'll have a handful more never-seen-before Showdowns and even some more new Musician Series pieces. More previews to come. Make sure you do not miss this event!

G1988: LA

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Heidi Alamanda said...

hehe..that's right...take that snooty art fair patrons:)