Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Frame #7 & Ronie Midfew Arts are proud to be continuing the "LOST Underground Art Project." The 7th limited edition print, celebrating the greatest "water cooler" moments from the ABC television show "LOST" is by artist Ken Taylor, and focuses on The Smoke Monster.

This is the 7th print, of an eventual set of 16, and was revealed at Rusty's Discount Pet Supplies in Studio City, CA. Fans who followed our website's clues, were able to take home limited "I Heart My Shitzu" t-shirts (as seen on character Hurley during Season 5) reinterpreted by lifestyle clothing company KR3W for free, which led them to the print's website. These prints are limited to 300, but less then 200 are available for purchase. Each is signed and numbered, 24 x 18 inches inches and only $50.

You can purchase this print at and follow the entire project at, which may involve free LOST events and stunts in your area to announce the newest print!


dr mum said...

I am still waiting for my favourite "hope he is one them" print artists... but now all the cheaters are on to it...tere is little chance I will get.

Dr Mum said...

Just to counteract my former negative comment.
I really admire the way Gallery 1988 in cahoots with ABC and L O S T have created a very fresh fun positive buzz around these young art practitioners. You guys ROCK!

MJCarp said...

Shih Tzu (not Shitzu) would be the preferred spelling which is reflected on the t.

and yes, we are having FUN with poster reveals.