Saturday, September 12, 2009

Jeremy Nichols!

Jeremy Nichols (Portland, OR) new solo show at is NOW LIVE! In his new series, Jeremy has created 15 original works, all prices at $250.00.

"In his artwork, he tries to show the near future of environments, space, humans, and animals as well as their attachment to material, and technological advances in their quest to achieve fulfillment through their artificial reality. He also tries to express the figure's psychological and sociological interactions with in their environment in a surreal manner. The figures in his images demonstrate their own search for clarity, direction, or even one's self, yet often tend to follow the leader as they float in space."

See his impressive new show now at!

Jeremy will also be in our next show, "Now Playing," which opens in less than one week! See some preview pics here:


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rockstar said...

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