Friday, December 7, 2007

Our Trade Paperback

The Holiday season is always a bright one here at 1988, and this year is no exception. Those on our gallery email list will get a nice little surprise at the beginning of next week in their inbox. So if you aren't on the mailer, send over an email to and ask to jump aboard. Worth it.

Why not make some sort of announcement today though?

As you might know Gallery 1988 and Golden Apple Comics will present "Under The Influence: A Tribute To Stan Lee," an epic art show where almost 100 artists will pay homage to comic book legend Stan Lee by painting his creations and tales in their own styles. We did something similar for Walt Disney in 2006, and it's still considered one of our best. But back then we couldn't get Walt Disney, or even his preserved brain in a jar. This time, we got Stan "The Man" Lee to actually endorse the show, and attend the opening reception on Jan. 8, 2008 from 7-11 PM! So as our first real Stan Lee Tribute posting, let's unveil the insane artist line-up...

Aaron Jasinski
Aaron McKinney
Ahren Hertel
Alex Kirwan
Amanda Visell
Andrew Wilson
Angry Woebots
Annie Owens
Anthony Clarkson
Brandi Milne
Brandon Bird
Brandon Sopinsky
Brandon Steen
Brian Kesling
Caleb Neelon
Cameron Tiede
Camilla d’Errico
Chris Reccardi
Chris Roth
Chris Ryniak
Chris Tezber
Dan Goodsell
Daniel Danger
Dave Chung
Dave Crosland
Dennis Larkins
Desiree Fessler
El Maz
Elias Gonzalez
Eric Tan
Erik Alos
Erik Wight
Evan B. Harris
Frank Gonzales
Gabe Swarr
Greg "Craola" Simkins
Israel Sanchez
Jason Limon
Jason Sho Green
Jeff McMillan
Jenn Lobo
Jen Rarey
Jeremy Tinder
Jesse Ledoux
Jesse Reklaw
Jim Mahfood (FOOD ONE)
Johnny Yanok
Jon Burgerman
Joshua Clay
Keeley Carrigan
Ken Garduno
Kiersten Essenpries
Kii Arens
Kurt Halsey
Leanne Biank
Luke Chueh
Mark Bodnar
Matt Dangler
Matt Haber
Matthew Smith
Max Grundy
Michelle Mia Araujo
Michelle Valigura
Monster Factory
Nate Frizzell
Nathan Jurvicius
Nic Cowan
Patrick Ballesteros
Phil Holmes
Reuben Rude
Roland Tamayo
Ryan Heshka
Sandra Equihua
Sarah Coleman
Scott Campbell
Scott Morse
Sean Clarity
Steve Purcell
Tessar Lo
Tommi Lim
Travis Lampe
Travis Louie
Vanessa Prager
Wednesday Kirwan
Yoskay Yamamoto

Seriously? That's insane. Who'd we miss? Van Gogh? Picasso? Punky Brewster's neighbor, Cherie Johnson?

G1988: LA

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Creep Machine said...

That is a very impressive list. Wish I could see this one.

What about Trevor Ochmonek from ALF?