Monday, December 3, 2007

...And back...

Sorry for the delay in signifigant posts on my behalf, but after our website crash I haven't been in the mood for any sort of keyboard. Everything is coming together now with the website, which is nice, with all the final links and details being restored this week. Enough of that crap though...

I flew out to SF this weekend for the Vivisect Playset show at our SF spot, and it was GREAT. Greg Simkins and Luke Chueh were on hand to tag team doodle, which turned into a 3 hour fest of customers getting full on paper pieces ("First one on Ebay is asshole!") Incredible work in this show, with some steals still available for the holiday season. Shouts to Peek-A-Boo, Isaac Pierro, MARS-1, Scott Campbell and Dave Pressler for also making it to the show, and an even bigger shout out to the late night Thai spot we found after the opening. I left my heart in San Franisco's Pad Thai dominance.

Anybody watching Nip/Tuck? This season is really dope (please don't judge last year's horrid attempt), with an exceptional cameo by the creepy brother from Wedding Crashers, who is now the "Ass Bandit," a guy who sneaks into hospitals to take stool samples. Oh, also, he's not a Dr. at all.

Back to art though. Tomorrow night we have an awesome opening here in LA, marking the first solo show for Reno artist Ahren Hertel. Ahren has been a mainstay, selling all his pieces in group shows at 1988 for the past two years, so let's look at this like the art version of a Bar Mitzvah. The opening will run 7-10 PM and I am forcing you to come. The work is BEAUTIFUL, and Ahren did some great stuff with the gallery as well! And with all these galleries now showing the same names over and over, it's time to add a new name to your list. Here's pics from the installation...

Sneak peek into the installaion. Those bubbles are real.

Here's a print that will be for sale at the show. Cool part about these lithos, is that Ahren actually hand paints each of them with oil. So basically, it's an original on a print. Love it!

This painting is incredible. The pics don't really show the hair detail (I now have a trademark pending on the term "hair detail.")

Ahren, who did make the trek from Reno, NV (word to Officer Dangle) is painting a cool little dealio on our front wall, meaning everyone who drives on Melrose and La Brea will get some Ahren love.

Again, please make sure to swing by. This is a show you will definately want to see. Rock Band will still be there when you get back at 10 PM.

G1988: LA


Anonymous said...

That print looks so amazing. Will these only be available at the show?

Anonymous said...

Nope, these are available online and on the site also. They are $125 and amazing.

Anonymous said...

online and on the site. not too redundant. I meant over the phone. D'oh.