Tuesday, November 13, 2007

His Name Was Robert Im Paulson

When we started Crazy4Cult.com, we knew what everyone wanted. We knew that even though we'd be selling out most the cult movie themed prints we posted on there, there was one gem that every buyer was waiting to see available on that website. And here ya go..

Releasing on NOVEMBER 20th at Noon PST...

Stella Im Hultberg
12 x 16 inches
giclee print on Sommerset Velvet fine art paper
hand signed and numbered by the artist
limited edition of 150

The Fight Club inspired print seems to be the one everyone is waiting for, including my mom and girlfriend. At Noon PST on Tuesday, November 20th, you can call the LA gallery at (323) 937 - 7088 or the SF gallery at (415) 409 - 1376 and pick one up. US shipping is $20, international is $30. All this info and more at Crazy4Cult.com. There will be NO reserving this print, as this is a PRE ORDER, and will ship 3-4 weeks after the 20th.

Besides that, all is well here at the crime scene. We had finger prints taken today, so that felt rather Steve Guttenberg in Police Academy (The Citizens on Patrol one). New glass window goes up soon, and looks like we'll join the Melrose masses with a gate set-up to detour anyone from doing what this dude did (a.k.a. smash our window, run inside, rummage through random boxes of switches in the gallery to turn off the loud noise, attempt to open the register, realize you can't, then run out as the alarm is jarring your hearing and vision).

Someone just drove by the gallery playing "Careless Whisper" really loud, at an octave I usually hear a Chamillionare or Lil' Wayne song. I want to be friends with the person in that car.

Saturday at Golden Apple Comics, next door to the gallery, they have a cocktail party signing at 5 PM with UK artist Kevin O'Neil. He's the artist and co-creator that did the INCREDIBLE "League of Extraordinary Gentlemen" comic (p.s. they had NOTHING to do with the movie, thank God) with writer Alan Moore. Tomorrow, Tuesday, will actually be the release of their highly anticipated third installment to the series, "The Black Dossier." I've been waiting for this one for quite some time now. I plan on getting through it rather quick, like I did the PS3 Simpsons Game this weekend. It's been a nerdy month so far and I still haven't started the Star Wars Lego game for Wii. I'm hoping to get some pimples to match my interests.

G1988: LA


Creep Machine said...

whoa, that is way bigger than I thought this print would be.

Gonna have to make sure the phone is right next to me on the 20th.

G1988 said...


the print is 12 x 16 inches