Wednesday, November 14, 2007

A Little History...

Jensen and I opened the LA gallery almost four years ago. At that time, Jensen was 24 and I was 22. That sounds like a joke. We were kids with absolutely no business experience. It's a miracle that we're still in business and that miracle is a man named Luke Chueh.

Jensen and I both agree that Luke Chueh saved our business. There was a time in 2004 that we almost went under, and then there was Luke. Luke has an amazing eye for recognizing talented artists that will become extremely successful. In other words, he's an amazing curator.

We asked him to curate a show and he came up with the Vivisect Playset. The first installment of the show included Luke, Joe Ledbetter, Thomas Han, Peter Gronquist and Dave Pressler. The show was a huge success and from there became a yearly event at 1988 with new artists added to the lineup. There's also a new toy series coming out based on the show! The series was produced by StrangeCo and will be available very very soon!

The Vivisect Playset opens every December and this year it's in San Francisco! Sorry LA!

So the excitement doesn't stop there. Luke is coming to SF for the show... and so is Greg "Craola" Simkins! They'll be doing a signing/doodle session during the opening. We're calling it "Chu-Kins."

And even more exciting news (I know, you're heads are going to explode)... we're releasing a new Greg Simkins "I'M SCARED" print that very night.

Greg Simkins
Winter's Knight
giclee print on Sommerset Velvet Fine Art paper
16 x 20 inches
limited edition of 75

The Vivisect Playset IV
December 1st

G1988 San Francisco

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Anonymous said...

Wow, I cant wait for this show, and now I also have a new print to write about.