Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Sugar Rushed

The morning after our Hi-Fructose "Bitters and Sweets" opening and I'm really sick. I've been fighting some sort of cold/flu/SARS all week, and it's finally winning the battle. My Doctor put me on Pencillin, which made me feel like a sick baby from the 1930's, but let's hope it does the job. I always get sick around this time of the year based on the weather change, so next year I will wear parkas, scarves and mittens from November 1 - November 15. Which SUCKS because tomorrow is my birthday. No one likes to be sick on their birthday, except for melophobes (people afraid that "Happy Birthday" will be sung to them, which is not a joke).

It's hard to stop talking about myself, but let's try. All the work from "Bitters and Sweets" is now available to view and purchase online HERE. Saying there are great pieces left is an understatement. Call us up if anything interests you...we can talk about how my throat hurts...or melophobes.

I'll post pics of the opening as soon as the dizziness goes away.

G1988: LA

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