Sunday, November 11, 2007

Till 6 In Da Morning

Getting a police wake-up call at 6 AM, alerting you of a gallery break-in probably isn't the best way to start a Sunday. I'd rather attend the House of Blues gospel buffet, but I wasn't really given a choice. Aren't our gallery hours properly posted on the window?

Here's a tip for all the readers looking into starting their own business...when they offer you the immediate alert alarm, so that the police are informed of a break in RIGHT as the alarm sounds, spend the extra few bucks. Also, become friends with your neighborhood patrol. It comes in handy.

And no...nothing was stolen or harmed. They came inside, fumbled around numerous lightboxes thinking it was the alarm module (leaving prints, CSI fans!), attempted to open the register, then ran out as the audible alarm went nuts all over Melrose and La Brea...empty handed. They are clearly not readers of Hi-Fructose. Probably fans of Art News Magazine.

Safe, on the case and boarded up.

G1988: LA


Savage said...

Sorry to hear that. I'm glad nothing was lost. I imagine it's all pretty stressful. With the humor in your post, I'm glad you're taking this in stride.

(I'm surprised that the door hasn't busted before this- with the masses of people gathering before show openers. G1988 draws in the crowds!)

misha said...

I saw this on my way to work this morning and wondered what happened. I'm glad everything was OK.

caro said...

that's horrible jensen, at least everything is ok now! (minus a broken door!)

Creep Machine said...

Im glad to hear that nothing was stolen. It's a good thing that art is way too hard to sell on the street.

Time to get a gate, or some crazy ol Doberman Pinschers.