Saturday, November 17, 2007


As we gear up for the holidays here at 1988: LA, we're excited to announce our upcoming December show, a solo show from Nevada artist Ahren Hertel. Hertel is one of the few artists we exclusively represent here at 1988 and we've been showing his work in large group shows for the past two years. Selling almost all of those pieces, Ahren and the gallery have been gearing up to create a "Hey, Look At Me" type of introduction solo show here in LA for the last year. And here it is. It opens Dec. 4 and I LOVE what I'm seeing already. Here's a sneak peak of two large pieces from the show...

Ahren is one of those dudes who's paintings just give off extreme talent. He is one of the few painters we show, where if we have one of his new paintings in the inventory backroom, barely visible to the customer, they catch a glimpse and want to see more. The real deal. You can see more at his website,

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