Wednesday, November 21, 2007



A few reasons why we're thankful this year (in no particular order)...

- The SF gallery opened and is still open - HOORAY!
- The LA gallery was broken into, but nothing was stolen and no one was hurt
- Becky, Cory, Alex and Irma (our amazing staff!)
- Finn and Benn (the pups - poor Benn is being neutered right now as I type this!)
- The best neighbors in SF and LA (StrangeCo and Golden Apple)
- Bernardo is gone
- Kevin Smith and Scott Mosier
- Peet's Coffee
- Scoops
- The recent release of Rock Band for Playstation 3
- Everyone who reads our blog :)
- Pan's Labyrinth
- Lars And The Real Girl
- Family, friends and good health (all that important, serious stuff)
- Last, but not certainly not least - the new addition, Issac George Simkins

We don't have our normal store hours this week.

The Los Angeles gallery hours...
Thursday - CLOSED
Friday - OPEN 12-4PM
Saturday - OPEN 12-4PM
Sunday - CLOSED
Monday - CLOSED

The San Francisco gallery will be closed until Saturday, Dec. 1st when we re-open with "The Vivisect Playset" at 7PM.

Katie and Jensen

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